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  How To Search For Parallel Bible Versions

  1. To view entire Parallel Bible Chapters first select the Bible Versions you want from the two Bible drop down lists. Next, select the Book of the Bible from the book drop down list. Then enter the Bible Chapter you want leaving the verses boxes blank. Finally press the "Get Parallel Bibles" button.
  2. To view a Chapter Verse Range first select the Parallel Bible Versions, followed by the Book and Chapter you want. Then in the Verses input box enter the beginning verse and in the Thru input box enter the ending verse you want. (Note: Make sure the beginning verse number is not higher than the ending verse number as this will retrieve only the beginning verse). Finally press the "Get Parallel Bibles" button.
  3. To view a single parallel verse set the Verses input box and the Thru input box to the same verse number or just enter the beginning verse.
  4. Also, make sure that if you selected a New Testament Bible that you did not search for an Old Testament Book. Or, if you selected the Transliterated Hebrew OT that you did not search for a New Testament Book.
  5. To view the next or previous Chapter in the Parallel Bible results click the "<-- Previous Chapter" or "Next Chapter -->" buttons at the bottom or end of the Parallel Bible search results. If you entered a verse range and want to see the entire Current Chapter click the "View Current Chapter" button.
  6. To alter an entry you have already made press the "Go Back" button and modify your Search entries.