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The International English™ Bible — One Of The Clearest Bible Translations Ever Written Enabling You To Easily And Accurately Read, Enjoy And Understand The Bible.

  • A new translation of the Bible accurate to the original languages in simple, easy-reading, contemporary English.
  • Enhanced with over 18,000 Study Notes carefully chosen to enrich your understanding of the Bible.
  • Enjoy Six Complete Books Of The Bible From The International English™ Bible.

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    The Complete Book of Genesis

    The Complete Book of Psalms

    The Complete Book of Proverbs

    The Complete Book of John

    The Complete Book of Acts

    The Complete Book of Revelation

    Hear The Complete Books of John, Acts and Revelation From The International English™ Bible Audio New Testament.

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    The Complete Audio Books of John, Acts and Revelation

    Conveying God’s Word In Easy To Understand English That Is Faithful To The Original Languages.

    The International English™ Bible is totally committed to accuracy. It will convey to you what the inspired Biblical writers were actually saying in an easy to understand translation that uses simple everyday English words and short sentences to create a Bible that is, an once, easy to read and at the same time very accurate and faithful to the original Greek New and Hebrew Old Testament manuscripts. Over 18,000 study notes are also included with this translation to enrich your understanding of the many Bible names, places, concepts and idioms used in the Bible.

    The Easiest To Use And Understand Bible For English Speakers.

    The International English™ Bible is designed to be the easiest to use and understand Bible for the majority of English speakers throughout the world. This is accomplished by using the common language of our time to accurately communicate the message of the Bible. To reach the greatest number of people, the International English™ Bible uses only easy phrase structures and draws from a vocabulary of only about 4,000 words (not counting Bible proper names). Sentences are purposely kept short, clear, and uncomplicated to promote the greatest understanding of the Bible for the most people possible. Because of this approach, previously difficult passages of the Bible are now much easier for you to understand.

    Practical And Scholarly Study Notes To Enrich Your Understanding Of The Bible.

    The International English™ Bible includes over 18,000 study Notes (both practical and scholarly ones). These include relevant, concise explanations; more literal renderings; exhaustive cross-references and allusions; helpful, relevant Scripture references; alternative translations; and well-placed historical notes. There are also short (but thorough) introductions to each Bible book. This will help you see an accurate picture of the historical context of every Bible book.

    Accurately Translated From The Best Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic And Greek Manuscripts And Texts.

    The International English™ Bible is translated directly from the original languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) using only the most reliable, ancient Biblical texts. This new Bible attempts to impart the same effect on today’s reader as the original text did upon those who first heard it. As the original texts of the Bible did, The International English™ Bible uses today’s mode of speech, expressing God’s message to us in the common language that people use every day. This translation of the Bible not only uses easy to understand, everyday English but also follows, as closely as possible, the meaning of the original Bible manuscripts and texts. This Bible does not deviate from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek manuscripts.

    About The Translators Of The International English™ Bible.

    International Bible Translators, Inc is comprised of a small core of Bible scholars who specialize in Biblical Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and in lexicography and linguistics. The chairman of the translation committee of The International English™ Bible is Dr. Stanley L. Morris. He served as an editor in the Translations Department of the American Bible Society from 1968 to 1972 under the world-famous linguist, Dr. Eugene A. Nida, a true pioneer in the field of Bible translation. While in New York City, Dr. Morris was also privileged to work directly with the renowned New Testament scholar, Dr. Bruce M. Metzger of Princeton University.

    A Partial List Of Scholarly Advisers To The International English™ Bible.

  • F. W. Gingrich, Ph.D. Translator and Editor of Bauer, Arndt and Gingrich Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament.
  • Jack P. Lewis, Ph.D. Old Testament from Hebrew Union; Ph.D. New Testament from Harvard.
  • Hugo McCord, Th.D.
  • Clyde M. Woods, Ph.D.
  • S. K. Kang, Ph.D. Sumerian scholar.
  • Gary T. Burke, Ph.D.
  • Milo Hadwin, D.Min.
  • Larry Quinalty, Ed.D.
  • Benjamin Goldstein, Hebrew scholar.
  • Advantages Of Using The International English™ Bible.

    1. You can explore and enjoy the great riches of God’s Word in the simple, uncomplicated English that you speak every day. And you can do this with an easy reading Bible that is not a paraphrase. It is an accurate original translation faithful to the best texts and manuscripts of the Hebrew Old and Greek New Testaments.
    2. You can understand what the Bible is actually saying in the nearest simple English equivalent to the meaning of the original Bible manuscripts. Use this Bible for devotional reading or for obtaining deep insights into God’s Word. Additionally, you can use the easy to understand International English Bible™ to compare to other translations that you may find difficult to comprehend at times, such as the King James Version.
    3. You will have access to background introductions to each book of the Bible so you can simply and clearly understand the setting of each Bible book. And you will have access to over 18,000 Study Notes to help you understand the literal meaning, historical setting and background of difficult passages along with extensive cross references for comparison.
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